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Visual Stimulation Enhances Sexual Response

Couple Watching Sex Video
By Michael Bates, M.D.

Can videos with sexual content improve your sex life? Both men and women respond to visual sexual stimulation, but the human response cycle, sexual desire, activity, and satisfaction in men and women are very different.

Conventional sexual videos are traditionally male-oriented erotic videos, exposing sexual intercourse and gentilia. These male oriented videos have little stimulation beyond the raw visuals, i.e. there is limited story, establishment of a relationship, mental stimulation, or emotional stimulation. Men quickly experience genitalia arousal viewing nudity and intercourse alone.

Older Couple Watching VideoWomen of course respond to visual sexual stimulation also. But their sexual arousal is more powerfully activated by films that offer a concrete story and emotional stimulation in addition to nudity and sex. Women often want to see foreplay, kissing, and talking as a crescendo to intercourse in a film. Visual cues are important to women, but they focus less on sex organs and more on the face, eyes, hair color and general body shape. There is however one notable universal visual cue for both men and and women, the gluteus maximus, the "butt."

Compared to men, the conditions for women to become sexually aroused are more complex.  Whereas men are easily aroused with stereotypical male-oriented erotic films, women are more sensitive to emotional stimulation. Women are also more affected by personal relationships, family concerns, child issues, emotional status, physical conditions, and the menopause. Women value other sensory stimulation more than men, a voice (sound), a scent (smell) and a sensual touch (touch).

As men and women get older, sexual arousal, specifically at the same time can become less common. Couples in their 50s, 60s and beyond, as well as society as a whole, are more aware of sexuality and the importance of a healthy sex life. Using videos as a way for a couple to become mutually aroused can be a positive experience for those who want to maintain sexual wellness as they get older.

So, by all means, have fun watching a mutually engaging erotic video, one with a story, together as a prelude to sexual activity. Snuggle and touch in anticipation. Respect your partner's response. Men arouse quickly, women more slowly. One of the bonuses of aging is that men arouse more slowly and more in sync with their partners. Another is that older men share more values with their partners, good relationships, commitment, and emotional and  sexual intimacy. Enjoy and nurture this harmony of sexuality. Visit our store for sexual aids and videos for adults over 50.