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Not Just a Man’s World Sexual Dysfunction Among Women

Typically, sexual dysfunction—defined as a problem occurring during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents an individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity—is recognized and advertised as a men’s issue. While men can experience erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems, women experience sexual dysfunctions by way of vaginal dryness, pain during sex, and difficulty achieving orgasm. Both men and women can experience low libido. Perhaps surprisingly, more women experience sexual dysfunction than men. In fact between 25 and 63 percent of women experience it, with a higher prevalence in postmenopausal women (where the likelihood jumps to between 68 and 86 percent of women).

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About the Author

Lisa Trank

Lisa Trank began writing after many years of being a performing artist – an actress and singer – and is happy to be bringing those years of crafting characters and musical storytelling into her writing life. She's a former recipient of a Rocky Mountain Women’s Institute Fellowship in poetry. Currently, she's completing her first young adult novel, entitled Tangled Chimes, a multi-generational, slightly fantastical, coming-of-age story. Her work has appeared in Kveller, MindBodyGreen, Salon, and the upcoming "So Glad They Told Me," an anthology by the HerStories Project. Her story, "1939 Plymouth, or the Bootlegger's Driver," was a finalist in the 2015 Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction Contest. She's the proud mother of three wonderful teen-age daughters, is married to her best friend, and lives in Longmont, Colorado, with a constant view of the Rocky Mountains. 


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