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Anal stimulation


"I am a 60 yrs old man. It seems the only way that I can get an erection is with anel stimulation. Should I be concerned or is this normal for a Man of My age? I do drink, smoke and take blood pressure medication. I do wake with an erection upon occasion. I have not been wirh a woman for about 3 yrs. Any insight?"

Hello and thank you for the question. At 60 you are not alone in needing extra stimulation to get an erection. Over the decades spontaneous erections are fewer, the good news is that tactile or touch stimulation can result in firm erections. With aging it is normal to need more touch, whether it be manual, oral or by using sex toys. The nerve endings in the skin between the scrotum and the anus and in and surrounding the anus itself are as sensitive, responsive, and pleasurable as those of the penis. If stimulation of those areas is necessary for erection, not to worry, whatever works is healthy. Anal stimulation is not just reserved for homosexual activity, many heterosexual couples use anal and prostate stimulation to enhance erection quality and orgasm intensity.

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