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 I find your articles to be well researched and to the point. As a regular reader, I can't help but be curious as to the symbolism (meaning) behind the website name. Hugs & kisses?? Can you elaborate? xoxo

We are three partners, Cindi, Carolina, and myself.  After deciding to develop a website in sexual health for aging men and women, we spent several weeks trying to come up with a logo.  Something we could use as a brand, something catchy, something that would be universally understood and appeal to both sexes.

Cindi came up with the idea of xoxoxo, the traditional sign of hugs and kisses.  This symbol is often used at the end of a message or letter to some who is important to the sender, like a spouse or a girlfriend or a boyfriend.  I pointed out that the x's and o's are also used in game strategy diagrams, like soccer, football, and basketball.

The result?  A logo with a positive feminine recognition that is also recognized as something familiar and interesting by males.  The design of the logo was done by our website design company.

How did we do?

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