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What can we expect from heterosexual online dating in middle and older age?

Becoming single again, through divorce or widowhood, is an emotionally life changing experience. As research shows, men and women live this transition in different ways. Although … Read Article

Detecting lies in an online dating profiles

Online dating has become very popular for all age groups, including seniors and men and women over 50. How good are people at deceiving others in online dating sites? And how good… Read Article

How can I improve my online dating experience?

Online dating has exploded in recent years, to the point that it is the third most common way people can find a spouse. With the growth of the Internet, online dating has surpasse… Read Article

Senior Sexuality in the Media

The media is a powerful machine that shapes our views about almost any social issue, including sex. The way the media portrays certain topics reflects our cultural beliefs and att… Read Article

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