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Is Oral Sex Only for Young Couples?

  Part of what I did as a gynecologist was to give patients of all ages permission to be sexual. I counseled patients in sexless marriages that self-stimulation was not only… Read Article

How to Have Better Sex When Overweight

Advertising disclosure: This content contains affiliate links and sponsored product placements. That means that if you make a purchase through one of these links, we receive a com… Read Article

More about Outercourse, Explore Each Other’s Erogenouse Zones

In our article on outercourse, we discussed different ways to enjoy outercourse. Kissing Erotic talk Masturbation Mutual masturbation Body-to-body rubbing Role playing Se… Read Article

Think Outside The Box: The Beginner's Guide To Enjoying Outercourse

There’s a common misconception in our culture that sexuality and sexual activity go by the wayside as we age. It may be true that some kinds of sexual activity, such as pene… Read Article

Off Limits? The Best Sexual Positions For People With Limited Mobility

Despite varying physical disabilities, most men and women can continue to be intimate well into their golden years Aging brings changes to our physical and emotional states. Thes… Read Article

The perineum, the anus, and the prostate gland as erogenous zones

After the penis and the scrotum, the perineum, the skin between the scrotum and the anus, is very highly sensitized with pleasure nerve endings. Many men enjoy this area being gen… Read Article