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Rekindle the Flame

Do the normal effects of aging extinguish sexual intimacy in some couples? For most couples the frequency and intensity of lovemaking declines over time. In fact, about 10% of co… Read Article

How Does Being Overweight Affect Your Sex Life?

Does being overweight and being sexy mix? Absolutely...but for many people who struggle with their weight, body image issues and associated factors can turn off the brain's libido… Read Article

Sexual Arousal and Desire in the Aging Couple

Before we can talk about the aging couple we have to understand normal arousal and desire in men and women. Leon F Seltzer, Ph.D. does a nice job of describing normal human sexual… Read Article

Bridging Body, Mind, & Spirit: How to Get What You Want Out of Sex

Let’s talk about sex: It’s a hot topic on television, in movies, and online. In addition to all the other steamy details, we want to know who’s having it and how… Read Article

Off Limits? The Best Sexual Positions For People With Limited Mobility

Despite varying physical disabilities, most men and women can continue to be intimate well into their golden years Aging brings changes to our physical and emotional states. Thes… Read Article

Want to reestablish a relationship with your libido? Huffington Post.

Loss of libido gets a lot of media attention, so just what is libido, anyway?   It is sexual desire or to put it another way, desire for sexual activity. Is this a commo… Read Article

Sexual wellbeing after cancer

Sexual wellbeing is a central component of quality of life. Cancer can result in significant disruption of sexuality.   This disruption is one of the most negative influ… Read Article

Sexual activity in women over 60

I just reviewed an excellent article (… Read Article

Sexual intimacy after Prostate Cancer

Treatment of prostate cancer, the most common type of cancer in men, usually has a list of negative side effects. Besides erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence, many men a… Read Article

Can an online relationship be successful?

There is the general perception that online relationships rarely move to offline face to face, real life communication. Although research on this issue has yielded mixed results, … Read Article