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Sex Toys for Older Adults: Buying Your First One

Sex toys are great for seniors! Sexual activity, solo or partnered, is good for your health with aging. Orgasms are amazingly effective for reducing anxiety and depression and inc… Read Article

Vaginal Dilators

Occasionally during my practice, a menopausal patient would ask me if it would be possible to have sex after many years of no sexual activity. This usually occurred in the context… Read Article

Sex Toys for Men

Are you looking to purchase sex aids and toys for men? Visit the X's and O's Store. Sex toys have for the most part been designed for women, but more men are coming to realize th… Read Article

5 examples of how vibrators have entered the mainstream of the 21st century

50% of women 18 to 60 years of age have used a vibrator. 45% of men have experimented with vibrators. Couples report incorporating vibrator use is not a threat to the male and… Read Article

What kind of sexual lubricant is best?

This article is in response to a question from a reader. She is menopausal and asked what lubricant is best for intercourse. Normally, the walls of the vagina are coated with a t… Read Article

Vibrators for dummies

I know a lot about female anatomy and I understand sexuality and human sexual response, both medical school and residency training topics. But when a patient first asked me to rec… Read Article

Penis pumps

A penis pump is one of the few treatment options for a male who is unable to get or maintain an erection sufficient for penetration, erectile dysfunction. With pump use you can ge… Read Article

Should Every Woman Have a Vibrator?

Sexual devices have entered the mainstream of medicine to treat sexual arousal, orgasmic disorders, and to enhance the female sexual response. Sexual female dysfunction reportedly… Read Article

History of the Vibrator

Evidence of phallic shaped devices for sexual pleasure has existed since the Middle Ages. In the mid to late 19th century the first vibrators were introduced as medical devices to… Read Article

Visual Stimulation Enhances Sexual Response

Can videos with sexual content improve your sex life? Both men and women respond to visual sexual stimulation, but the human response cycle, sexual desire, activity, and satisfact… Read Article

What next, now personal lubricants are not safe?

Personal lubricants (also known as lube) are widely used to reduce vaginal and rectal friction and increase pleasure during vaginal and rectal intercourse. A small number of recen… Read Article

What are penis rings?

Is the penis ring a sexual aid or an adult toy? It has a number of synonyms, erectile dysfunction ring, constriction ring, and cock ring. For this discussion I will use penis ring… Read Article

Sexual aids (adult toys)

Sexual dysfunction reportedly affects up to 40% of American women, an alarming number! Fortunately, sexual devices (adult toys) have entered mainstream medicine to treat sexual ar… Read Article

Phthalates and sexual products

Are sex toys with phthalates safe? Any discussion of sexual products needs to address the safety of use from a compositional viewpoint. That is, is there the possibility to b… Read Article

Are Sex Aids Finding Their Way Into the Bedrooms of Older Adults?

Are you looking to buy sexual aids? Visit the X's and O's Store.   Are older adults using sexual aids (adult toys?) And if yes, is it common? Let’s look at some stat… Read Article